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The Institute

We are situated in the heart of Lucknow. At present there are 400 Students enrolled in different professional courses. Having just increased our admissions limit from 200 to 150, we expect this number to rise to 1500 over the coming Three years. We are also in the process of developing a Resourced Provision that will cater for up to 500 students who wish to appear for Civil Services and other competitive examinations.

SIGMA HOME TUTORIAL is a popular institute of Ashiyana Lucknow and has gained a reputation of highly professional, caring, friendly and inclusive learning environment in which all students can learn and thrive. We are committed to giving all students the best possible start to their professional learning so that they attain their career goals and become equipped with the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that enable them to play their part in an ever changing world.

Our curriculum is well developed in order to allow all students to achieve. We recognise that all students are gifted and that our task is to create opportunities for those talents to emerge and develop. We offer a breadth of experiences that are based on first-hand experiences and engage our students in active learning. Assessment for learning underpins everything we do so that students are involved in their learning; knowing how they are doing, where their next steps are and how they can achieve the next stage. As a result, the standards our students achieve are consistently high and they make good progress.

Our annual survey results consistently show a high level of satisfaction with the work we do and this is very important to us.We believe that effective partnership working between institute, students and parents is vital in ensuring a consistent approach to achieving success for all NAM students.We welcome discussions with parents about student's progress or any concerns parents may have.We hope that students and their parents find all staff approachable and accessible.

SIGMA HOME TUTORIAL is an integral part of our community. We are part of the which allows the institute to work together in order to provide a high-quality service to all students. We also work closely with other organisations, who are partners in our Society.